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About Us

At Mill City Medical our mission is to provide patients with exceptional medical care and quality service, while creating a friendly and comfortable environment for all our patients.


Our office staff takes a personal approach to patient care.  We value and respect our patients, and we encourage them to ask questions and actively participate in their health care.  We also strive to provide patients with the information they need to make good lifestyle choices that aid in prevention and overall long-term health.  We firmly believe that good communication and patient education are critical in making informed health care decisions, and we are committed to helping all of our patients manage their health and wellness.

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Dr. David Pickul, MD

In 1987, Dr. David Pickul began his medical practice in Lowell, Massachusetts.  He joined Lowell General Hospital in 1991 and in 2003 he founded Mill City Medical Group.  From 2003 until his passing in September 2021, he grew Mill City Medical to be one of the region's largest private physician practices.  For over 2 decades he was a fixture in Lowell medicine.


David additionally served in many hospital roles, including Chief of the Department of Internal Medicine, President of the Medical Staff, Medical Director of Lowell General Hospital's Physician Hospital Organization, and the first Chief Medical Officer of Circle Health.  Most recently, before his death, he was a member of the Circle Health Board of Trustees as well as the Wellforce Board.  He was key in the creation of the notable Wellforce Clinically Integrated Network.  

We will greatly miss Dr. Pickul and thank him for all he has done to grow Mill City Medical into the practice it is today.  

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