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COVID-19 Updates

Updated 4/26/2021 - PLEASE READ MORE HERE

A great number of patients at Mill City Medical have been asking about the Covid vaccine now that it has been released.  We hope this will help answer some of those questions.


Sometimes the hardest part of feeling sick is knowing whether and how soon to see the doctor for care.

Mill City Medical can help!

We have recently added our 

Get started when you want.  In less than 3 minutes we can give you guidance on whether you should be seen in the office or virtually, whether you might self-care at home, or (in rare cases) if emergent care is needed.

Doxy Visits - Check In

Checking in for a Doxy visit? Below, click on the provider you are seeing.  You will be redirected to the site for that provider.  Please type your name in to let us know you are virtually here!

Dr. David Pickul

Dr. Pauline Tsirigotis

Dr. Matthew Savory

Dr. Mariana Chemaly

Tarina Mansur, PA

Allison Huoth, PA

Jessica Ames, NP

Bethany Rich, NP

Mary O'Sullivan, NP

Lee Yergeau, PA

Ruth Walsworth, NP

Covid Vaccines

Our providers have been getting their first dose of the covid vaccine and all are feeling great!  Here are some of their pictures so far!