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All of the testimonials below are anonymous or unsolicited.  They were gathered from various medical review sites and notes sent to us from our patients:


Dr. Pickul's Testimonials


"​​​Dr. Pickul has been my physician for about 30 years and he is still the great physician that brought me to him back in my twenties.  He’s kind, caring, sincere, honest, and just a great all around person."


"Dr. Pickul is our family doctor and we cannot say enough about the quality of his care.  When my mother had a medical issue, he stayed involved and kept our family informed of all our options until she was better. We trust his opinion 100% and plan to stay at Mill City for years to come!"




Dr. Tsirigotis' Testimonials


"In my honest opinion Dr. Pauline Tsirigotis saved my husbands life. She was able to find an extremely dangerous Aneurysm when other Drs. never could. She also stabilized his blood pressure and made him comfortable in the examining room. He use to feel very uncomfortable now all that has changed. I always accompany him on his visits so in a way she is treating the family as well. So happy we have her and I highly recommend Dr. Tsirigotis to all my family and friends."


"Dr. Tsirigotis will remain the best doc I've ever had and the standard by which everyone else is judged. She was caring, warm, always asked good questions (without judgement) and saw me quickly if I needed an appointment due to an illness or issue. She had a wonderful bedside manner, makes even uncomfortable conversations easy, and is someone I have enormous respect for her."




Dr. Savory's Testimonials


"Dr Savory makes you think that you are the only patient he has! I have never waited more than 5-10 minutes in the waiting room. He personally calls back to see how I am doing after a treatment"


"Dr. Savory is a great doctor. He always spent time and explained things so I would understand and always called promptly with test results. I had surgery and he stopped by my room to check on me even though he wasn't the surgeon. I really appreciated that and felt like he cared. I recently had to switch because the practice doesn't take my insurance, but I hope to be back under his care soon. I highly recommend Dr. Savory"




Dr. Chemaly's Testimonials


"I went to see Dr. Chemaly for my first visit. I expressed concerns about a few things which we talked about. A few days later she sent me by mail a bunch of information including an article which she had handwritten some notes on about various parts of the article. I thought this really showed her level of dedication to her patients. I was very impressed."


"Dr. Chemaly never makes you feel rushed and always takes the time to talk to you and make sure your questions are answered. She is a very caring person and also very down-to-earth. I highly recommend her for a PCP."

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