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Patient Center

For all details around our hours of operation, please visit our Contact page.


We are closed on the following holidays: President's Day, Patriot's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day (and the Friday following), Christmas Day (we are open for half-day on Christmas Eve), and New Year's Day.

We are currently accepting new patients.  If you are a new patient, or would like to become one, please have a look at the important documents below.  Filling these documents out in advance and being aware of our policies will make your first appointment faster and smoother.

New Patient Packet - If you are a new patient, please print out and fill out this form before your first visit.  Please bring it with you for your scheduled appointment.

Medical Records Release   - This document allows past doctors or specialists to release your medical records to Mill City Medical Group.

Other Important Forms - Workers' Comp, Auto Accident

No Surprise Act


As Circle Health and Lowell General solidify the Tufts Medicine Network (formerly known as Wellforce) we ask patients to take special care with referral requests. Our policy has always been:

Referral Policies:

·  Please request all referrals at least seven (7) days prior to your appointment with the specialist if possible.

·  All referrals should be approved by your primary care physician.  Patients who require referrals should follow this protocol to confirm that the provider is part of our network.

·  Unfortunately, appointments without proper prior approval may result in the patient’s own financial responsibility.


Our preferred tertiary network is Tufts Medical Center, thus any referral request outside this network needs to be approved by the Physician-Hospital Organization and not solely by Mill City Medical. Thus, if wanting to seek care outside the network we ask before booking an appointment that a conversation be initiated in terms of necessity.

Prescription Policies

·  Please allow forty-eight (48) hours to refill a prescription.  Leave the information on your provider’s prescription line or utilize the patient portal.

·  If prescriptions cannot be filled over the telephones you may need to come into the office to pick-up the paper prescription or have it mailed to you. 

·  Prior to your scheduled appointments, please check all prescriptions if refills are needed.

Prescrption Information
New Patients
Medical Records Release
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