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This information will help you understand billing for services during your physical exam.  Please understand that a co-pay or deductible may still be required by your insurance company for the following reasons:


  • If during your annual physical your physician treats you for any NEW problems you are experiencing that are discussed during your annual physical exam.

  • If during your annual physical your physician needs to make changes to your medication or order some tests to deal with your pre-existing problems and/or an acute condition.

  • If during your annual physical your physician manages multiple pre-existing medical conditions.

  • If you receive multiple services during your annual physical, such as medication management, a diagnostic procedure, surgical procedure, etc.

  • If your insurance company does not fall under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


Please be assured that Mill City Medical follows national standards established for medical billing.  In addition to the charge for the physical examination, services which are not considered part of your physical examination will be billed to your insurance company.  Your insurance company will determine what services are covered under your policy and will notify us what they have deemed to be your financial responsibility. 


Mill City Medical Group participates in a number of health insurance plans and can not know at the time of your visit which services will be covered by your insurance company.  If you have a balance due after the determination by your insurance company, we will send you a detailed statement showing your balance.


Should you have questions regarding this notice, please contact our Billing Department. 

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