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Care Teams

At Mill City Medical, we believe in a Care Team model that consists of a physician, advanced care practitioners (Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants) as well as medical assistants who manage and care for a specific group of patients.  This approach is based on the belief that the Patient-Care Team relationship and continuity of the provided care is at the core of our practice. 


The Care Teams work as a unit to manage your care collectively.  Each Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant are trained by their lead physician to deliver seamless care.  When you see an advanced practitioner (a Care Team member rather than the doctor within your Care Team), you are in essence, seeing the physician.  All cases are discussed, reviewed and collaborated on as treatment plans are set in place.  Unless specifically requested, for healthy patients coming in for physicals, we will alternate annual visits with the doctor and an advanced care practitioner.  


Here at Mill City Medical, we are extremely proud of the quality of our advanced care practitioners.  We take great pride in our practice and feel fortunate to work with top quality professionals to help us manage and care for all of your needs.


David Pickul
Dr. David Pickul


David is the founder of Mill City Medical and has been a fixture in Lowell medicine for over 2 decades.  He specializes in Internal Medicine and was voted one of Greater Lowell's Top 10 Doctors.  Click Here to learn more about Dr. David Pickul.

Kristen Rose

Kristen Rose, CMA

Mary O'Sullivan

Nancy Funaro, NP


Pauline Tsirigotis
Dr. Pauline Tsirigotis


Pauline joined Mill City Medical in 2003 and specializes in Internal Medicine.  She also did great work for two years at East Boston Neighborhood Health Center.  She is a Lowell native who attended Notre Dame Academy and she has strong interests in Womens' Health, Mind/Body Health and Adolescent Medicine.  Click Here to learn more about Dr. Pauline Tsirigotis.

Jessica Ames

Ruth Walsworth, FNP

Monique Lessard

Monique Lessard, RMA


Matthew Savory
Dr. Matthew Savory


Matt has been with Mill City Medical since 2000 and has his medical degree in Osteopathic Medicine (the study of helping the body to heal itself). He is board certified in Internal Medicine and has done work at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.  Click Here to learn more about Dr. Matthew Savory. 

Bethany Rich

Bethany Rich, NP-C

Lillian Pinto

Lillian Pinto,


Lee Yergeau Headshot.jpg

Lee Yergeau,



Mariana Chemaly
Dr. Mariana Chemaly


Mariana has been with Mill City Medical since 2008 and has been practicing medicine since 2001.  She has practiced in Brazil and speaks fluent Portuguese and medical Spanish.  She is Board certified in Internal Medicine and she is known for her unwavering devotion to patient service. Click Here to learn more about Dr. Mariana Chemaly.

Tarina Mansur
Allison Huoth
Beth Paradise

Beth Paradise,


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