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Dr. David Pickul

Dr. David Pickul grew up in Ipswich, MA and was a graduate of Ipswich High School, University of Rhode Island, and UMass Medical School before moving to Washington D.C. where he completed his residency at George Washington University, finishing as Chief Medical Resident.

In 1987, Dr. David Pickul began his private medical practice in Lowell, Massachusetts.  He joined Lowell General Hospital in 1991 and in 2003 he founded Mill City Medical Group.  From 2003 until his passing in September 2021, he grew Mill City Medical to be one of the region's largest private physician practices. For over 3 decades he was a fixture in Lowell medicine.


David additionally served in many hospital roles at Lowell General Hospital, including Chief of the Department of Internal Medicine, President of the Medical Staff, Medical Director of Lowell General Hospital's Physician Hospital Organization, and the first Chief Medical Officer of Circle Health.  Most recently, before his death, he was a member of the Circle Health Board of Trustees as well as the Wellforce Board.  He was key in the creation of the notable Wellforce Clinically Integrated Network.  

Most notably however, was his time spent with all of his patients.  He took patient care to a whole new level, spending so much time truly getting to know them.  Their care fueled his daily drive to give back and support them in their health.  Here are a few words from some of his patients.

"I will miss my yearly visit with Dr Pickul and all the great conversations. He was not only an excellent physician , but was also an awesome life coach, mentor and I always felt like I was talking to a close friend. He has definitely touched my life and can imagine the impact he had on his close ones and other patients like me."

"For 30 years, we were honored and blessed to be patients of an outstanding physician and human being."

"I was a very very long time patient of Dr. Pickul's. I looked forward to my time with him. My heart aches. He was always direct, joyful, and supportive. The last few years I can hardly describe the happy euphoria I felt driving away from his office after our brief time together-- a completely unexplainable nature high of happiness that I wish I could carry with me forever."

"Dr. Pickul will always be my doctor… he has been since 1994. I will hear his voice and his recommendations always. There are so many memories from office visits… time I told him I wanted to make up a sign “PICKUL FOR PRESIDENT”."

"Dr. Pickul was my mother's PCP for several years. He was funny, at times stern, but always came from a place of caring and was an excellant Doctor and human being. The world was a better place with him in it."

"Dr. Pickul was a household name in our family. He always took such great care of my Mother, Peg, who proudly told us she was one of his first patients and my Dad, Jack, who admired him greatly! What Dr. Pickul said was “the gospel” when it came to his knowledge and dedicated care to my parents. He was just the one else could ever fill his shoes. He was a true hero in every sense of the word when it came to caring for his patients. We used to hear all about his family and his wonderful wife, Kim, who they always enjoyed when she was at the office during appointments. He always had time to listen and always made all his patients feel important and treated them like family. We were so blessed to have such a caring man take such good care of them while they were alive."

"I was his patient since 1981 and my wife was also under his care for a time. If it wasn’t for Dr. Pickul and his expert care I would have died a long time ago. He was straight forward, firm, — always pushing me to be better in self caring and willing to work with me to find the best solution to every problem . Dr. Pickul’s work ethics kept his patients safe. He found problems I had that a lot of other doctors would have missed. I thank him for his care. I always admired him for continuing to see patients even when he took over other important positions at LGH and Circle Health. To me, that was the sign of a true physician and healer. He was my doctor and a friend who can be described as funny, silly, and easy to make laugh. He always had a caring heart; I will always remember him coming to see how I was doing when I was in rehab after barely surviving a deadly respiratory infection. That was extremely kind of him. He loved his wife and family very much — fiercely so and always spoke well of them."

We will greatly miss Dr. Pickul and thank him for all he has done to grow Mill City Medical into the practice it is today. 

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