Updated 3/15/2021

A great number of patients at Mill City Medical have been asking about the Covid vaccine now that it has been released.  We hope this will help answer some of those questions. 


Currently, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is in Phase II of the vaccine release.  For more information on the different phases, please visit our COVID-19 Vaccine page.

For all patients of Mill City Medical who are 65 or older as of 2/1/2021 or patients with 2 or more comorbidities - you are eligible for the covid-19 vaccination.  


On 2/15/21, Lowell General Hospital released a website (www.lowellgeneralvaccine.com) where you can now schedule your own appointment to help the process of getting everyone vaccinated.  With Governor Baker's announcement of expanding into the next part of Phase 2, there has been an influx in the number of people scheduling appointments.  


As of 3/11/21, K-12 educators, child care workers and school staff will be eligible for the vaccine.  With the addition of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, more appointments have become available.  High demand still exists for the vaccine and appointments will continue to fill quickly.


On 3/12/21, Massachusetts released a pre-registration website that residents can use to put themselves on a list so that WHEN their time comes that they are eligible, they will be notified.  That information can be found at VaccineSignUp.mass.gov - please note that going through this process will send you to any of the 7 state locations to receive your vaccine once it is available.  You will not be able to choose that location.


Please be patient - Lowell General Hospital is doing their best to schedule everyone.   If you would like to go on your own to one of the state run locations, you are able to.  Please just let us know if you do get vaccinated on your own so we can keep your record up to date.  


We appreciate and continue to ask for your patience as we are all working together to do our best to get as many of you scheduled as quickly as possible.  

We are asking our patients to periodically check our website.  When we have further information, we will pass it along by updating our website and social media accounts.

As most are aware, the rate of new COVID-19 infections are on rise across Massachusetts.  Continue practicing of safe social distancing, 

  • making only necessary trips out, and

  • wearing face masks in public places.

  • Get a seasonal influenza vaccine